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News & Events

Listed below is what is happening here and there and the events we've attended throughout the years. 


2014 Miniature Donkey Extravaganza II Show

The MDE II show went very well again this year as it does every year. The show had 30 donkeys competing, which is a down from last year, but the ones that were there were tough competition. This year we brought back our two older girls to show: Duplessis Farm's Cherokee's Starberry in the Open ND division and DuPlessis Farm's Orange Dazzle in the Green ND division. These 2 girls did amazing and we couldn't have asked more from them at the NMDA show. My good friend Anna came out & helped me show this year. A huge thank you to her for stepping in & showing my donkeys the remainder of the show for me due to showing/show committee conflicts. The Extravaganza Reception on Saturday night was a tonne of fun. The food was delicious as always and it was nice visiting & catching up with old friends.

And on to the Junior Show! The kids had a blast this year. Kaitlyn showed her donkey Dazzle, Branden showed Starberry who he calls Robot Donkey, and Rhea showed Ginger again who we kindly borrowed from Jan MacKay. The kids had lots of fun showing and displaying their costumes.

  Hope you enjoyed the pics!

As the show came to an end this year, my announcement was made that I'm retiring from the show committee. It's been a good run and I've enjoyed the many years organizing and putting on the show with some wonderful people. But it's time for me to step down, I'm finding with my young children & their busy schedules, my heart just isn't in it anymore and it's time for someone else to step up and add their own flare to the show. Thank you to everyone who came out, participated, and enjoyed the show!   


JG Sunrise Acres would like to give a huge thank you to all our buyers of our 2013 foals! We wish you all the best with our miniature donkeys and thank you for having the confidence in our breeding program.  

Don't forget to check out our new 2014 foals for this year!

2013 Show Update - JG Sunrise Sheza Sparkle

Spring 2014 ~ New Adventure!

Well it's been a very cold spring so far... But our kids are very excited about the new animals added to the farm; our three little pigs! It's our first time ever raising pigs and we are getting such a kick out of them so far.

2013 July ~ Miniature Donkey Extravaganza II Show

What a great show this year! Our donkeys did exceptional for us. A huge part of that was the training and hard work that the kids put into their donkeys. My good friend Anna helped me show this year, as I needed to bring at least 3 jennets for the junior show and we had two jennets competing in both pre-green and green division. Anna did an awesome job for her first time showing miniature donkeys!

In Pre-Green, I showed JG Sunrise Acres Sheza Sparkle, Anna showed JG Sunrise Precious Hearts. In Green, I showed Asspen Grove Ginger Snap and Anna showed DPF's Amber Glo. 

It was an insane show schedule but we pulled it off and had a blast! And of course a big thanks to our investor/groomsmen, my hubby Justin :)

And on the to the junior show, which is the best part. We had 3 juniors this year showing in the junior show! Kaitlyn showed Sparkle, Rhea showed Ginger, and our 4 year old son; Branden showed for the very first time with Amber. They were all adorable and had a great time. Branden of course, put on a very entertaining show with Amber for all the spectators.

And some very exciting news for JG Sunrise Acres' donkeys is they walked away with a few titles too:

JG Sunrise Sheza Sparkle

Grand Champion High Point Pre-Green shown by Jackie

Grand Champion High Point Sub-Youth shown by Kaitlyn.

DPF's Amber Glo

Reserve Grand Champion High Point Green show by Anna

Hope you all enjoy the pictures!

2012 News & Events

September 2012 ~ Vermilion Rusty Bit Horse Show

Time to bring out the horses! 

Kaitlyn is now a member of Vermilion Light Horse 4-H Club and she and Branden showed Tips at the Rusty Bit Horse Show in Vermilion. Branden at 3 years old competed in his first gymkhana and loved it. Kaitlyn had the challenge and fun of getting Tips to go on her own this year. Their friend Rhea came down and showed her horse Ribbons from Glendon too!

2012 August ~ Fair well beautiful Bonnyville

By the end of July we finally had everything packed up and moved down to our new little place near Wainwright AB. We will greatly miss Bonnyville and our beautiful little farm. We still have the farm but have rented it out to some wonderful people so we are always coming back up for visits. The donkeys and horses are all settled in and it's nicer being closer to grandparents and family for our kids. 

So everything is still the same, we are just a bit further south!   

July 2012 ~ Vermilion Fair Old MacDonald's Petting Barn

We loaded up the last set of donkeys from Bonnyville to take them to the Vermilion Fair before going to their new home in Wainwright. We took Amber and her baby Lefty with Daisy and her baby Pancho. Everybody loved the little babies and their mom. Erin Nagy from Vermilion loved them so much she called me up and wanted both Lefty and Pancho. She even got to name this year! Erin will be taking them once they get weaned from their mom's in the spring.

2012 July ~ Miniature Donkey Extravaganza II Show

This year was extremely busy for JG Sunrise Acres and my family as we made the decision to move to Wainwright AB, to be closer to our family and for Justin's work. We were very fortunate to be able to attend the MDE II show this year with our moving schedule. JG Sunrise Acres took four jennets down to the show this year. I would have loved to have showed Wild Fire again, but four jennets is all I could handle this year. And the reason I took down four was because my daughter Kaitlyn and her friend Rhea wanted to show in the junior show. So we brought Dazzle, Kaitlyn's donkey and pulled old plump Starberry out from the pasture for Rhea. I also took on the challenge of bringing two yearling jennets; Sparkle who had been worked at Calgary and a very pretty but timid Hearts.

The show was a blast this year and all my donkeys did great for the lack of training and working with them this year. I even got Justin out showing this year and he showed Hearts in her halter classes for me. Great job Hon! You even got to beat me :) My friend Anna brought the girls down on Saturday and she showed Dazzle in the performance classes for me and kicked some butt! I even got plump Starberry to jump over some very large jumps...and I promise next year I won't knock over the jumps! The Extravaganza Reception was wonderful with catching up with great friends and having many laughs. The exciting part of the Reception were the high point awards as Dazzle won Reserve High Point Champion Green Non-Driving Donkey! It was so nice to see a different variety of competitors winning the awards this year. Congrats Nicole again on your Sportsmanship award, you rock girl!

Then came the Junior's show on Sunday and we got the girls and their donkeys ready.

Both Kaitlyn and Rhea had an awesome time and loved showing off their donkeys Dazzle and Starberry. 

The girls couldn't wait for their costumer class. Rhea was a butterfly and Starberry was the caterpillar. Kaitlyn was Little Miss Muffet and Dazzle was the spider. Kaitlyn did very well with Dazzle this year and won High Point Champion Sub-Youth! Way to go Kaitlyn and all the other high point winners!A  

What another great show, we walked away with some nice ribbons and prizes! Can't wait for next year, it'll be a lot nicer with not trying to move in the process... 

July 2012 ~ 100th Centennial Calgary Stampede

JG Sunrise Acres were one of the lucky farms invited to attend the 2012 Calgary Stampede Miniature Donkey Showcase. This year was extra special as it was the 100th Centennial year for the Calgary Stampede! It was extremely busy with record numbers attending and we did our best to show off the donkeys! The miniature donkeys definitely rocked this year's stampede again. Myself & my hubby Justin along with our good friend Anna took down two of our beautiful red jennets: Dazzle & Sparkle to the showcase this year. We had four busy days of non-stop people coming through the showcase and the seats were packed during our demos in the ring. Dazzle is our old pro so the Stampede didn't phase her one bit, but Sparkle was fresh off the farm and it was a great learning/training experience for her.   

It was overall a very fun and successful showcase!

-sorry no pics as we were just overwhelmed with people this year!-

May 2012 ~ Bonnyville Pro Rodeo

JG Sunrise Acres was invited for the first time to bring in their miniature donkeys to the Bonnyville Pro Rodeo May 25-27, 2012. The rodeo association president, Dean Shaver had purchased two of our geldings this year and thought it would be a great idea to have the donkeys at the rodeo for all the kids to pet and enjoy. We brought their two geldings JG Sunrise Voltaire and JG Sunrise Silver Strike along with our two pro show girls Starberry and Dazzle. The kids absolutely loved the donkeys and couldn't get enough of them. Thank you Dean for setting up the pens and getting the volunteers to man the gates for the kids to go in to pet the donkeys. And we wish you the best of luck with Voltaire and Striker!

New & Events 2011

April 2012 ~ The Mane Event

JG Sunrise Acres kicked off the year with the Canwest Miniature Donkey Promotional Group having a miniature donkey booth at fabulous Mane Event in Red Deer April 27-29, 2012. This year Deb Walker at Stoney Acres Ranch brought two of their yearling jennets to be on display. There was Joy Foss with her daughter Hailey & friend Erica from Sheloy Acres, Leanne Rutley from Asspen Grove Miniature Donkeys out in B.C. and myself from JG Sunrise Acres were on hand to work the booth and answer the many questions about miniature donkeys. Again the donkeys were a huge success and the donkeys were always surrounded

by people wanting to see and pet them.

July 2011 ~ Miniature Donkey Extravaganza II Show

What another fun filled show we had this year during the Westerner Day's at Red Deer! I went down a week early with our donkeys and stayed at Deb's lovely place. Most of the CanWest members were there and it was a wonderful chance to catch up with my favorite donkey people! Thanks again Deb & Gerard for opening up your beautiful home to all of us and our donkeys. Delicious food, excellent wine, great donkeys and terrific friends was how we spent the week!

But eventually it was time to pack everything up and head off to the show. This year JG Sunrise Acres brought four donkeys: Star Fire, little Wild Fire, Amber & Dazzle. We are so proud of how our donkeys did this year and discovered some things we have to work on for next year. Justin & I had another wonderful time during the open show and the always hilarious Extravaganza Reception! Congrats to everyone on their success & accomplishments this year!

But on top of all this, we were most excited about our daughter Kaitlyn entering in her first mini donkey junior show! Kaitlyn took Dazzle in the junior show and had a blast. She was so cute in her little show attire and did very well for her first show. So good that she tied with Indigo for Reserve High Point Sub-Youth. We can't be more prouder.

Kaitlyn & Dazzle Show Results:

Miniature Donkey Extravaganza II 2011 Junior Show

Sub-Youth Classes

Showmanship = 3rd Place

Hunter Jumper = 2nd Place

In-Hand Trail = 1st Place

Costume Class = 3rd Place

Scramble = 3rd Place

Hurry Scurry = 1st Place

Sock Race = 4th Place

Dress Your Donkey = 4th Place

Lead Race = 3rd Place

July ~ 2011 Calgary Stampede !

JG Sunrise Acres were one of the lucky farms invited to attend the 2011 Calgary Stampede Miniature Donkey Showcase. And all I can say is too much fun! The miniature donkeys definitely rocked this year's stampede. Myself & my hubby Justin along with our good friend Anna took down two of our beautiful red jennets: Dazzle & Amber to the showcase this year. We had four busy days of non-stop people coming through the showcase and the seats were packed during our demos in the ring. 

It was overall a very fun and successful showcase!

As well, please check out the interview JG Sunrise Acres did for the Miniature Donkey Showcase for the Calgary Stampede!

June 2011 ~ Wayne Lyon Jr. Clinic

My daughter Kaitlyn & I were very fortunate to attend the Wayne Lyon Junior Clinic in the end of June. We clipped up Dazzle for Kaitlyn to use in her very first clinic. They did awesome and learned a tremendous amount from Wayne & Wendy. The clinic was held on Saturday at Deb & Gerard's gorgeous Stoney Acres Ranch. Wayne is an excellent teacher and has such a great way with the kids. Wayne & Wendy taught our juniors great showing tips on showmanship, trail, and jumping but also the fundamentals of handling donkeys to so much more. During the clinic we had a yummy lunch supplied by Stoney Acres Ranch and Vic Chiasson cooked up the burgers for us. Kaitlyn & her new friend Indigo finished the clinic in the afternoon with a delicious watermelon snack. Once everyone had put away their donkeys for the day we ended the evening with a fabulous supper graciously supplied by Stoney Acres Ranch again and a super fun pool party. 

It was a terrific weekend with donkeys and good friends!

Thank you so much to Wayne & Wendy Lyon for putting on this amazing clinic and to Stoney Acres Ranch for opening their stunning home up to us! We had so much fun!

June 2011 ~ Danes from Denmark visit !

It has been raining almost non stop here but we had a cheerful visit from a lovely couple from Denmark. Jan & Anne-Marie were visiting my Grandparents here in Canada. My Grandma made sure to include us in their travels touring Alberta & B.C. Jan & Anne-Marie are from Skorping Denmark and this was their first time seeing a miniature donkey. In rubber boots we brought them out in the muck & mud to see the new baby foals born this year and the clipped show donkeys. 

They absolutely adored them and we sure hope they had a great time even in the rain!

January 2011 ~Ground Driving!

Well it's been a cold start to the year. But luckily our warmer weather has returned! I was finally able to get outside and start working with Rusty in his spanky new harness I had got in July! Where does the time go? It was an absolute gorgeous Chinook day for us and I harnessed up Rusty for the first time. I cannot get over how quickly Rusty adapted to his new gear and commands. This is going to be so much fun!

News & Events 2010

September 2010 ~ 40th Rusty Bit Show

40th Rusty Bit Horse Show

  September 19th 2010

Vermilion Fair Grounds 

JG Sunrise Acres finally made it to a horse show this year! And what a great show it was for our daughter Kaitlyn to compete in her first horse show. Kaitlyn & I both used our favorite horse Tips in classes and Lexi took Penny in her first horse show as well. It was a chilly Setpember day but we all had so much fun. We are very proud of Kaitlyn and Lexi and how well they did with each horse. Kaitlyn won high point in her age division and Lexi did a tremendous job with Penny! Listed below are the placings and view more photos in the photo gallery. We had such a great time with the horses and catching up with old friends.

Thank you to the Vermilion 4-H Light Horse Club for putting on a wonderful horse show!     

Kaitlyn with Two Fox Skedadle (Tips)

Division: Little Tikes

Showmanship & Grooming ~ 1st

Western Walk Trot ~ 2nd

Barrels ~ 2nd

Pole Bending ~ 1st

High Point Little Tikes Winner!

Jackie with Two Fox Skedadle (Tips)

Division: Senior

Showmanship & Grooming ~ 2nd

Western Pleasure ~ 1st

Western Equitation ~ 4th

Barrels ~ 3rd

July 2010 ~ Miniature Donkey Extravaganza II Show

The MDE II show was so much fun! It was a lot of work, but well worth it in the end. Our donkeys made us very proud at the show. Jane du Plessis and Glenda Lawrence made the long journey to come watch the show. The show wouldn't have been the same without them, we had a blast with these ladies and are sad to see them go home! You will have to check out the site for results.

April 2010 ~ du Plessis Farm California Donkeys Arrive!

Our new arrival of miniature donkeys purchased from Jane Du Plessis all the way from California have finally arrived to our place. Wow are we ever excited, they are pictured above at Asspen Miniature Donkeys with their new arrivals too! Our gorgeous sorrels are listed and pictured under our Jennets' Page

As well, our new arrival of foals starting in May. Check out now which of our lovely ladies are bred and expecting on our 2010 Foaling schedule!